Best Quarterbacks in Kansas City Chiefs History

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The Kansas City Chiefs have seen a number of great players over the years. They had seen some outstanding quarterbacks play for this team. This franchise is known for having some of the best quarterbacks at any time and these players are no exception.

Bill Kenny
Kenny was one the best quarterbacks to play for this team and was able to perform even when faced with hard conditions. He played with the team in the 1980s when the team was having some of their biggest issues. He was still able to perform and had played the second most number of games in the history of the franchise. He has a francise record for third place in touchdown passes.

Steve DeBerg
DeBerg was able to help turn this team around and put them on the track to success. In his first two years with this team they only won a combined total of 10 games. This changed in 1990. This season was one of the best for this team. He was able to throw 23 touchdowns and only turned the ball over four times. This was one of the first times that a football team had wins in the double digits during the season. The next season the team won 10 games.

Trent Green
Green had some trouble when he first became the quarterback of the Chiefs in 2001. He did improve the following season. The team went 8 and 8. During the seasons from 2003 to 2005 Green and the team made from big improvements. During this time Green had the record 30-8 and had the second most passing yard during the regular season. He made it to the Pro Bowl two times and will be guarantee a spot in the hall of fame for the Chiefs.

Joe Montana
This famous quarterback was at one time a leading member of the Chiefs. He was only with the team two years but over this time got the respect of the fans. He helped the team get to the Super Bowl and they won the game. They fell just short of this goal in 1994 an Montana decided that he was going to retire at this time.

Len Dawson
Dawson was a well respected quarterback for this team. Many say that he had his best season in the game with the Chiefs. He had his career passing high with this team with 2,879 yards and 30 touchdown passes. No quarterback has beaten his record with this team. He led the team to the Super Bowl. Even though they lost it was the first time that they made it that far. Dawson can be found in the Pro Football Hall of Fame thanks to his time with the football team.
These are some of the best quarterbacks that have played for the Kansas City Chiefs. There has been a lot of talent on this team over the years. These quarterbacks helped to lead the team to victory and to put this franchise on the map as a well respected football team.